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First Saturday Workshop

Apple Essentials class is usually hosted by Ken Spencer. Frequently, it is a deeper dive into the topic of the General Meeting. The class is full morning from 9:00 AM till noon with a break about 10:30 am. See the sidebar for specific dates.

Join Zoom Meeting

Previous meetings and most classes are posted on YouTube. Please use this link: You will find yourself at MacNexus Demo and you can subscribe for easy access of future postings.

Board of Directors Monthly Meeting

The monthly Board meeting is normally held at 1:00 PM on Zoom. It is open to all members and usually lasts 60-90 minutes dependent upon how full the agenda is. The login is the same as Ken's morning class and is starting at 1:00 pm.)

For questions or help, you can check our Facebook page at or send an email to You can also contact any key volunteer or Board member from the Contact Us page on this website.

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